Prayer of the White Feather

The Fable goes this way,

As an ancient medicine wheel turned, a white feather was revealed & a daughter was born by the same name.

It was by ashes of the sacred indigenous fire that this fable found form - speaking to the heart of the dream-time, and the very birth and incarnation of the medicine wheel itself. On a Dja Dja Wurrung  mountain of initiation this medicine was deeply ceded into the Song Lines of a Country.


Let us give thanks to the tribes of our Nationhood, to the rhythms of birth, life and death - to the song the soil the earth, our Mother's, Fathers & verse.

Let us thank the 4 tribes of our Earth, reason, justice to girth.

A Father's love inexhaustible for the sanctuary of all, given, written & scored. Let us change the tides of power upon the plane & life the lamb to same.

It is time to write the wrongs, to weigh their hearts against the white feather, bringing truth, mercy and justice for all creature-kind. Forever.