S7- Grail Lore & Chivalry

Contact Zero would not be a network without its friends and alliances, those who Contact Zero chooses to align with in a formal way are aligned to a higher vision, with higher principals & a grasp of the science that Contact Zero seeks to deliver to the world.

One such alliance is S7, fully versed in Grail Lore & the Mythos that stems from ancient archetypes and historical chivalric orders such as the true Knight Templar of the St Clair (Sinclair) order.

The Grail is so much more than treasure chests of gold & it is a great mystery of paradox, fable & a cryptex that will, we believe, one day set the world free.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank S7 for his commitment to the cause & the use of his pictures. If you would like to learn of the Grail history & Mythos  & Chivalric principals that Contact Zero is committed to, you can join him on a tour of Rosslyn by clicking on the key below.


The Eternal One (‘Olam) has made a covenant oath with us,
Asherah has made (a pact) with us.
And all the sons of El,
And the great council of all the Holy Ones.
With oaths of Heaven and Ancient Earth.

Newton's list of Alchemists.