Lest We Forget

Brave Men and Women have fought and died to protect the innocent, to protect our ideals of democracy, freedom, peace and integrity in at times a dark and evil world.

It is folly to now allow their deaths to become meaningless, as a corrupt multi-national banking and  Government cartel plunder our world for the sake of oil and profit alone.

When dead children and babies are being pulled out of the rubble in Syria as a result of this madness, we have disrespected our fallen - and have cast a great shadow over what they fought and died for.

My Grandfather Alexander John Priest was one of those Men, though he survived the War and Changi prison, where many millions of others did not.

With nearly 500 000 people many of whom are innocent Women and Children - the so called "collateral damage" - killed by airstrikes in Syria by both US/Allied and Russian Forces. It is time to make a change.

It is time to end the War, it is time to turn the tides indefinitely.

Please allow me to share some personal pictures of my own families War Story.. They are connected to so many billions of other lives that have been touched and shaped by tragedy and the Wars of the rich and powerful.

The Truth shall set us Free...

Lest we forget
Alexander John Priest
2/18th Battalion
2/18th Battalion
Family Heritage
Looking for the Water Tower Museum
Nan & Pop
More on Nan and Pop in the museum
Story of the Flag
Pop's Cup in Changi
Gunnedah, NSW - A place to call home
Me on my last visit in June 2016
Childhood Rocket Park
Paying my respect
Lest we Forget